Polarized FTIR Spectroscopy

Absorbance vs. polarizer orientation for four representative vibrational modes in a SmC* liquid crystal under electric fields of (a) + 2.8 and (b) - 2.8 V/µm. Phenyl ring (closed circle), keto (closed square), ester (open square), and lactic acid (open circle) C=O stretching.

Polarized FTIR Spectrometer and Microscope

We maintain a Bruker IFS 66 polarized FTIR spectrometer and associated IR microscope for high-sensitivity space- and time-resolved polarized IR spectroscopy of organic materials. This instrument probes molecular groups with vibrational modes in the range 4000 cm-1 to 50 cm-1, and is particularly useful for the study of molecular orientational and conformational behavior in anisotropic organic materials such as liquid crystals. Other applications include studies of polymerization yield and dynamics, hydrogen bonding, phase transitions, and conformational disorder in organic thin films.


For more information about the Polarized FTIR Spectroscopy facility, contact Cheol Park.

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