X-Ray Diffraction Facility: SAXS

polymer_multidomain polymer_multidomain xrayplot

(top) Small-angle x-ray diffraction from the bent-core liquid crystal NOBOW in the helical nanofilament phase. (middle,bottom) Wide-angle diffraction from a nematic liquid crystal elastomer before and after stretching.

Small-Angle X-Ray Scattering System

The SAXS instrument provides cutting edge capabilities for probing large lengthscale structures such as polymers, biological macromolecules, meso- and nano-porous materials, and molecular self-assemblies. Background scattering is minimized through the use of an evacuated flight path and vacuum-compatible motorized slits. Techniques that can be applied to study materials include SAXS, GISAXS, WAXS, and GIWAXS. The 30W Xenocs Genix 3D x-ray source and state-of-the-art Dectris Eiger R 1M detector provide an excellent way to probe almost any material of interest. In-situ x-ray studies may be carried out using temperature controlled sample holders in both SAXS and GISAXS modes..


  • Techniques: SAXS, GISAXS, WAXS, GIWAXS
  • X-ray source: 30W Genix 3D x-ray generator (Cu anode, wavelength = 1.54 Å)
  • Multilayer monochromator
  • Beam size at sample: 0.8 x 0.8 mm2 for SAXS (adjustable to 0.2 x 0.8 mm2 for GISAXS))
  • Optics: 4 sets of motorized slits for adjusting resolution
  • Flight tubes: evacuated
  • Detector: Dectris Eiger R 1M
  • Sample holders: transmission stage with capillary holder, thin film sample holder, flat sample holder, powder sample holder
  • Special stage holder: temperature-controlled (-50 to 200oC) sample holder for reflectivity (GISAXS and GIWAXS) and transmission (SAXS and WAXS) measurements
  • Flux: ~ 4x107 photons/s flux achieved with 0.8 x 0.8 mm2 beam
  • Typical range of length scales probed: 2 Å - 1000 Å
  • Computer: Linux PC
  • Software for data collection: SPEC

This diffractometer system is available by appointment for research and training for CU and outside users.


For more information about the x-ray diffraction facility, contact Rayshan Visvanathan.

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