X-Ray Diffraction Facility:
Single-Crystal Diffractometer




silicon rotation

X-ray diffraction from a silicate material.

Single-Crystal X-Ray Scattering System

The Bruker SMART 1K CCD Diffractometer is used for single-crystal structure determination.



  • X-ray source: Molybdenum radiation with a wavelength of 0.71073 angstroms produced from a sealed-tube X-ray generator.
  • Monochromator: curved graphite crystal
  • Beam size at sample: 1 x 1 mm2 (adjustable to 0.3 x 0.3 mm2)
  • Detector: Bruker SMART 1K CCD area detector
  • Goniometer: standard Siemens 3-circle PLATFORM goniometer
  • Sample stage: standard Huber goniometer heads
  • Safety: The diffractometer components are housed in a radiation enclosure with appropriate safety interlocks.
  • Cooling: The LT-3 low temperature device directs a stream of cold nitrogen gas over a sample crystal, providing a stable low temperature for X-ray diffraction experiments. The regulated output of the cold stream can vary from a minimum of about -170°C (103K) to a maximum of about -30°C (243K).
  • Flux: ~ 107 photons/second
  • Typical range of reflections probed: 2θ from 0° to 60°
  • Computer: Windows 2000
  • Software for data collection: SMART

This diffractometer system is available by appointment for research and training for CU and outside users.


For more information about the x-ray diffraction facility, contact Rayshan Visvanathan.

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