Light, Energy and LEDs (November 2010)

Center PI, Matt Glaser, showcased the Materials Science from CU classroom outreach program Light, Energy and LEDs at the Colorado Science Teachers Conference in Denver, discussing and demonstrating the difference in energy consumption and energy efficiency of incandescent, compact florescent and LED light bulbs. This class was developed in conjunction with CU's Earn/Learn program, with undergraduate students working alongside Center member to develop a unique outreach program with customized equipment and engaging demonstrations. In the classroom, middle school students investigate the comparative efficiencies of light sources. Using a stationary bike and generator attached to a lighting array, students experience firsthand how much energy is necessary to illuminate different types of bulbs. Students calculate the power consumed by lights in their own homes and design a lighting plan to increase energy efficiency while weighing in the initial expense of implementing new technologies.

Center Students Help Middle Schoolers Create "Science in Motion" (October 2006)

Center students mentored a group of Manhattan Middle School students in the planning and development of part of an elaborate Rube Goldberg-type kinetic device that was a central feature of the opening of Boulder's new 29th Street shopping mall. Science in Motion, an elaborate cascade of kinetic events, triggered by chemical and physical processes, culminated in the cutting of a ceremonial ribbon. Each segment of the device demonstrated principles of engineering, chemistry, and physics in an interesting and entertaining way. Through this after-school project, the middle school students learned not only the science concepts behind their devices but also the problem solving, critical thinking and teamwork that is necessary to prepare an exhibit for the public. The Center partnered with the Boulder Valley School District and CU Science Discovery in this community-sponsored project, presented in the unique environment of a permanent outdoor science park at the 29th Street mall.


Bowman Gives Symposium at Annual SACNAS Conference (September 2005)

Center PI Christopher Bowman gave a talk titled "Introduction to Photopolymerizations: From Mummification to Nanotechnology" at the annual national conference for the Society for the Advancement of Chicanos and Native Americans (SACNAS) held in Denver.

Conference participants attending the talk learned about Bowman’s cutting edge research on photopolymerization. By highlighting familiar examples from everyday life, Bowman described the research that leads to applications in such diverse fields as biomaterials, dental restorations, liquid crystal displays and nanotechnology.

SACNAS provides a forum for improving and expanding opportunities for minorities in the scientific workforce and academia, mentoring college students within science, mathematics and engineering, as well as supporting quality pre-college science education. The Conference, K-12 Teacher Workshops, student chapters, e-Mentoring Program, and online internship/job placement resources are tools that help a diverse community of undergraduate and graduate students, professors, administrators, and K-12 educators achieve expertise within their disciplines.


Cool & Creative Chemistry Outreach Program Premiers (March 2005)

The Chemistry and Biochemistry Club showcased their first in a series Cool and Creative Chemistry outreach classroom presentations program, Energy & Life, at the annual Colorado Science Teachers Conference in Denver. Club members, along with faculty advisor Lynn Geiger and SMRC EHRO director, Christine Morrow, developed Energy & Life. The purpose of this project, Cool and Creative Chemistry, is a way for faculty, graduate, and undergraduate students to share their knowledge and enthusiasm about science with the community.


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