SMRC researchers, motivated by a request from one of the Center's spin-off companies, have developed fisheye lens conoscopy, one of the most significant developments in the characterization of the birefringence of materials in the last 150 years. Its implementation using an iPhone camera makes optical monitoring of polymer and liquid crystal films in application and production particularly inexpensive and uniquely powerful. This work has been published in "Fisheye Lens Conoscopy," A. Alshomrany, N.A. Clark, Liquid Crystals 42, 271-287 (2015).

Group: Clark
(September 2013)]

chromonic simulation snapshot
Olloclip/iPhone4s (OiP) fisheye imaging system used to view the biaxial conoscopic pattern of a mica sheet, seen from the display side of the phone. Sheet polariser, mica, sheet analyser, and the fisheye on the iPhone are stacked directly on top of one another,


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