Center researchers are exploring the recently discovered ferronematic liquid crystal phase, revealing a dramatic polar magneto-optical response to externally applied magnetic field in millimeter-size droplets on glass slides, like the one shown. With one sign of field normal to the slide the molecules stand up also normal to the glass but for the other sign, shown in the image, the molecules flip over, a reorientation heralded by the dramatic appearance of birefringence above a threshold field. This response represents a record-large magneto-optical effect.

This work has been published in "Spontaneous Liquid Crystal and Ferromagnetic Ordering of Colloidal Magnetic Nanoplates," M. Shuai, A. Klittnick, Y. Shen, G. P. Smith, M. R. Tuchband, C. Zhu, R. G. Petschek, A. Mertelj, D. Lisjak, M. Copic, J. E. Maclennan, M. A. Glaser, and N. A. Clark, Nature Communications 7, 10394 (2016).

Groups: Clark, Glaser, Maclennan
(January 2014)

magnetic transition
Magnetooptic effects in droplets of colloidal magnetic nanoplates.


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