Center researchers have made hybrid bio-semiconductor nano-necklaces consisting of strings of nanometer size quantum dots (QDs) tethered by nano-length DNA chains. When the necklaces are connected between electrodes and illuminated, the alignment of the energetic states of the QDs and DNA enables charge conduction, making it is possible to transport charge carriers photogenerated in the QDs through the exciton shelves in the DNA. This work has been published in "Charge Transport through Exciton Shelves in Cadmium Chalcogenide Quantum Dot-DNA Nano-Bioelectronic Thin Films", S.M. Goodman, H. Noh, V. Singh, J.N. Cha, and P. Nagpal, Applied Physics Letters 106, 083109 (2015).

Groups: Cha, Nagpal
(March 2015)

NDA-QD nanonecklace
Expanded view of the QD-DNA layer showing the charge conduction pathways for different energy electrons and holes..


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