The SMRC has been working closely with Arrupe High School and science teacher Stephan Graham to expand the Center's Exploring the Nanoworld classroom program with the new series of classes, DNA - the Messenger. Inspired by Center research on click nucleic acids, and guided by Center EHRD Director Christine Morrow, a team comprising graduate students and post-docs from both Center IRGs successfully developed curriculum materials including demonstrations, labs, and student handouts. In early 2016, this team piloted the weekly series of classes on the following topics: Introduction to Natural and Man-made Polymers, DNA Extraction, Gel Electrophoresis, and Examining the Societal Implications of Engineering New Products. Team members reported that this activity offered a unique opportunity for them to hone their communication skills and to practice conveying science and engineering topics to beginning students.

Contact : Christine Morrow, Director EHRD
(January 2016)

arrupe family science
Center members discussing with an Arrupe student how polymers could be used to create zombie makeup.


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